So it’s my birthday tomorrow which means I am really excited. But not for the regular reasons like attention (ew) , parties or gifts. For me it’s all about the cake. Anyone who knows me well knows that I will do just about anything for cake. Anything. I’ve stalked many a wedding cake table in order to scam a third (or fourth, maybe) piece of a really good wedding cake. And I will definitely send The Girl or Farmer in to hoard cake for me, too. If you’re ever with me at a function with a fabulous cake, I can’t be held responsible for what happens if you leave your cake plate unattended. I’ve also been know to bail on a function if the cake is less than worthy or store bought (gagging). I’m very shallow, apparently. For my big “-0” birthday celebration last year I had individual mini cakes made for all my guests just so I wouldn’t have to share the cake.

I think about cake a lot. Like a lot a lot. I like to plan events in my head around what kind of cake would be served. No, they are not all my birthday but since it just happens to be my birthday here’s a few ideas for my loving friends and family to think about.

This cake. Fresh Strawberries & Cream Cake. This for my imaginary summer birthday brunch that we would have on my back porch on a lovely Sunday morning in June. If this doesn’t appeal to you then you’re definitely not invited and we probably just shouldn’t be friends. Unless you’re allergic. That’s the only acceptable excuse. Find this recipe on The Kitchen McCabe.

Tropical Vanilla Mango Cupcake. This gorgeous little cake is for my sunny, SoCal, beachside getaway birthday with my fave ladies. OMG…that color! So pretty and light, just like me (haha). Find this recipe at Little Sweet Baker.

Lavender-Honey Crepe Cake. So it’s not a traditional type of cake but I don’t discriminate in regards to the different cake genres. Besides , I’m obsessed with the lavender honey combo. Freaking amazing. This is for my breakfast (and lunch and dinner) in bed birthday. In a perfectly clean bedroom, I shall awake perfectly groomed in a perfectly uncrumpled bed and be served by Farmer and The Girl. The House That Lars Built recommends this for a Mother’s Day breakfast in bed. I would accept that option too.

Frostbitten Raspberry Cake. Yes, yes, yes. It is very similar to a wedding cake I once stalked and will be the feature of my elegant, late fall dinner party birthday at home. Served by candlelight with a delicious Oregon coast blackberry dessert wine. Thank you Vikalinka for this.

Traditional Yellow Cake with Chocolate Frosting from The Wandering Fig. Not terribly exciting to most, but for me it’s pure nostalgia and that makes it my number one pick. It reminds me of summer days at grandmas house because back then grandmas made cakes in the middle of summer just because. It’s family cake. And this is the best (and most likely to be real) party of all with me, Farmer and The Girl sitting at the kitchen table in corny ass party hats, eating homemade pizza and opening up cheap perfume bought at Rite Aid. Perfection. Happy Birthday to me!